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Coaster FurnitureCoaster Furniture or Coaster Company of America is the country's premier manufacturer and distributor of impressive home and office furnishings. It is the company's delight to be excellent and innovative in everything that they do. Part of their passion is to provide home furniture products that are aesthetically pleasing and at the same time affordable.With over 38 years in the furniture business and 9 distribution centers all over the country, no wonder Coaster Company is one of the most trusted names in the home furniture in

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Coaster Furniture Bleker Tuxedo Sofa

Coaster Furniture FAQ's

  • What is Coaster Furniture?
  • Coaster Furniture Company of America is a leading North American furniture distributor. Coaster Fine Furniture is a brand that is globally recognized for its excellence in value, customer service, and innovation. Coaster Furniture was established in 1981.

  • Is Coaster Furniture real wood?
  • Coaster Furniture is made of high-quality materials, from fine wood, natural, to synthetic, to meet nearly everyone’s taste, lifestyle, and budget.

  • Where are Coaster Furniture manufacturers located?
  • Coaster Furniture factories are located around the world, locally, in Central America, and in Asia.

  • Who sells Coaster Furniture?
  • Coaster Furniture has over 200 dealers across the country. It has a trusted network of partners, both in traditional retail and ecommerce to provide its customers the best value and service. Local Furniture Outlet has a deep range of finest furniture collections from Coaster.

  • Are Coaster Furniture prices expensive?
  • Coaster Furniture has a wide selection of stylish and innovative home furnishings that matches the lifestyle and budget of everyone at every stage of life.

  • Is Coaster Furniture a good brand?
  • Coaster Furniture prides itself to only deliver premium quality home furnishings to nearly every home at best value.

  • How good is Coaster Furniture?
  • Each piece of furniture Coaster sells is carefully made for a lasting style and tested for high-quality standards and durability.

  • Where are Coaster Furniture warehouse locations?
  • Coaster Furniture Company currently has 2 distributions centers and 7 warehouses nationwide. Coaster Furniture warehouse locations are in NJ, Atlanta, Chicago, Florida, Santa Fe Springs, San Francisco, and Dallas, Texas.

  • Who makes Coaster Furniture?
  • Coaster Furniture is made and imported from factories located locally and around the world. The pieces used are sourced from countries in Asia and Central America.

  • Where to buy Coaster Furniture?
  • Looking for reliable Coaster Furniture dealers near you isn't easy. At Local Furniture Outlet, your one-stop-shop Coaster Furniture Dealer in Texas, whether you are in Atlanta, Miami, Chicago, Dallas, Miramar, Las Vegas or NJ, shopping is easy and we got you covered.