• How to Decorate Coffee Tables: 20 Items to Try

    Bellenteen  Coffee Table

    If your coffee table doesn’t make quite a statement, consider sprucing it up a bit! Even grabbing any object, when decorated properly, instantly makes your coffee table shine like it hasn’t before. Here’s a rundown of the top 20 items you can use to decorate coffee tables.

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  • A Buyer's Guide To Coffee Tables

    Haileeton Coffee Table

    A coffee table is an essential piece of furniture in any living room, providing a stylish and functional focal point. However, finding the perfect coffee table for your home can be overwhelming with so many different types, materials, sizes, and designs. That's why we've created this buyer's guide to help you navigate the process and choose a coffee table that meets your needs and complements your existing decor.

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  • How to Measure Coffee Tables for Ultimate Comfort

    Sun Valley Occasional Table

    A coffee table is a captivating centerpiece in your living room or any communal space in your home. On top of complementing other furnishings, it also offers unparalleled functionality for a more comfortable lifestyle. 

    For instance, it’s there when you put your coffee mug or newspaper down early in the morning. It’s also at bay when you need a table for weekend get-togethers with friends. Plus, it’s at your disposal when you need to put your feet up after a long day!

    But when a coffee table has the wrong dimensions, all these...

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  • How to Clean Glass Coffee Tables: 2 Budget-Friendly Ways

    Willemse Glass Top Coffee Table - Local Furniture Outlet

    While many homeowners love the Biophilic aesthetics of wooden coffee tables, glass coffee tables are becoming more popular for good reasons. However, maintaining a squeaky clean glass tabletop can sometimes be a bummer. Don’t fret. We’ve put together two easy, budget-friendly ways to clean your glass coffee table.

    Key takeaways:

    • 3 Other Popular Coffee Table Top Materials
    • Why Choose...
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  • How to Arrange a Bedroom: 8 Easy Tips

    Ashley Flannia Bedroom Collection in Gray - Local Furniture Outlet

    Arranging bedroom furniture can be a pain in the neck. Homeowners are bombarded with interior design trends, rules, and theories that sometimes you don’t know which ones to follow! If you’re wondering how to arrange a bedroom, here are 8 ways to achieve a cohesive and comfortable space.



    1. Consider function and form when choosing bedroom furniture pieces


    Selecting your bedroom furniture pieces...

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  • Amazing Bedroom Furniture Sets in 2021

    magnussen bedroom set

    We are well on our way into 2021 and it's high time we learn about what this year has to offer in terms of bedroom set trends. In the world of furniture design, the first quarter of the new year is when new furniture sets are evaluated, explored, and dissected.

    It's hard to accurately predict what trend will flourish in the next couple of months, at least when it comes to bedroom furniture sets. In general, bedroom furniture doesn't get as much attention as, say, living room or kitchen furniture since a person's bedroom is a personal space where there is less emphasis on what is trendy when they shop. You won't see the latest bed or headboard design in most bedrooms. High price furniture might make an appearance in some bedroom sets but there is a greater focus on what is comfortable, what looks good, and what reflects the character of the occupant.


    Bedroom Furniture Sets Trends 2021


    Contemporary Bedroom

    When we think...

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