Homeowners might need to remove dresser drawers for some reason. You might have to clean your old antique oak dresser and reach those tricky corners. Your dresser might show telltale wear-and-tear signs, which means a quick drawer fix or replacement. Or maybe you’re moving to a new house, which will require dismantling furniture parts for easier transport. Whatever your reason for removing drawers from dressers is, don’t panic. It’s an easy DIY job, provided you follow these instructions on how to remove drawers from dresser furnishings.

This guide will tell you how to remove drawers from dressers using the most common dresser drawer types.

How to Remove Dresser Drawers with Bottom Slides

The secret to removing dresser drawers is knowing what slide type is installed. One of the most common drawer slide types is the bottom slide or under-mount drawer slide. These slides are installed with an L-shaped bracket along with a sliding track and are constructed in wider drawers, like this truffle dresser.

Your drawer will also have an underside clip attached to the slide track. The upper hand of having a dresser with this slide mechanism is a concealed slide track, which makes for a sleeker look. However, dressers with this drawer slide type are relatively more expensive than others.

Here’s how to remove dresser drawers with bottom slides:

  • Pull the dresser drawer as far as you can. Make sure it doesn’t come out entirely.
  • Check if there are locking mechanisms installed before removing the dresser drawers. These mechanisms could be buttons or levers. Press the button or lever before removing the drawer if you see one. You should hear a click once the drawer snaps from the slides.
  • Firmly grab the drawer box. Wiggle it and lift it until you hear a click indicating the drawer is disengaged from the bottom slides.

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How to Remove Dresser Drawer with Center Slide

Center-mounted dresser drawer slides are the second-most common drawer slide type. These slides are also concealed from view and offer much less weight support. Dresser drawers with center slides aren’t appropriate for carrying heavier items.

These slides are usually installed in the middle of the dresser drawer, with two rollers on both sides. This way, the tracks keep the drawer box aligned.

So how to remove dresser drawer with center slide? Here are a few steps:

  • Check if the drawer has a locking mechanism, such as a button or lever. If it does, press the button or lever until you hear a click, which means the drawer is disengaged. Locking mechanisms might be more uncommon for center slides than bottom slides.
  • Next is to check if the drawer has a pull-out guard. This is a piece of a plastic flap that looks like a semi-circle attached and connected at the back of the drawer. The purpose of pull-out guards is to prevent dresser drawers from sliding all the way out.
  • Exert effort lifting the drawer to disengage it from the slide’s track. Wiggle the drawer a bit to get it unstuck. 

Pro Tip: Some bottom or center drawer slides might not disengage from the track, no matter how hard you wiggle and lift. This might mean there is debris blocking the tracks. If this happens, get a putty knife and run it along the tracks.


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